About ReeSources Companies

ReeSources Companies emerged from a rich history of dedication, experience, and a deep-rooted commitment to empowering businesses to succeed. Founded by Carol Reese, our journey began in 1987 within the dynamic landscape of the Clark Insurance Agency, owned by Michael and Rosemary Clark. Since then, we have embarked on a transformative path, evolving into three distinct entities: ReeSources, IReeSources, and ReeSources Institute.

Our Founder's Journey

Carol Reese’s career trajectory is marked by a diverse range of experiences working with both small and large businesses across multiple states. Drawing inspiration from her tenure with corporations, Carol cultivated invaluable insights and strategies tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Her passion for fostering growth, resilience, and sustainability became the driving force behind the establishment of ReeSources Companies.

Empowering Businesses: The ReeSources Journey

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In 2020, amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Carol’s consulting firm underwent a significant transformation, giving rise to the formation of ReeSources, Inc, IReeSources, and ReeSources Institute. This expansion was a natural progression, reflecting our unwavering commitment to serving businesses of all sizes and sectors.

At ReeSources Companies, we recognize the common barriers faced by small businesses, including limited access to capital, constraints in bidding on contracts, and the imperative to build and sustain financial stability. Our journey has been shaped by these challenges, and our mission is to empower businesses with the tools, resources, and expertise needed to overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable success.

Through ReeSources, IReeSources, and ReeSources Institute, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. We strive to be catalysts for positive change, leveraging our collective experience and insights to empower businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to empower businesses, foster innovation, and drive positive impact. Together, we can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and build a brighter future for businesses and communities alike.

Thank you for considering ReeSources Companies as your trusted partner on the path to success