About ReeSources

ReeSources, Inc. is consulting firm that has Digital CIOs,  Consultants, Facilitators, and Business Strategists that provide a diverse suite of services to our clients.  Our team facilitates the development of the strategy, motivation, resourcefulness and accountability necessary for smaller businesses to thrive.   Our experience and our commitment to customer service uniquely positions our organization to carry out our mission of keeping businesses in business.

As a small business, we encounter the same barriers as other businesses such as access to capital, capacity to bid on contracts, building a financially sustainable business and maintaining contracts. RSI addresses these challenges with a variety of business practices and software tools that will significantly lower operating costs, improve customer service, and increase employee morale. We also provide business owners with information management tools, that lower error rates, and suggestion Green ideas that improve the environment.

Our Team

Carol W. Reese


John Reese

Chief Financial Officer

Paula Horne

Operations Manager

Trudi Batiste

Executive Administrator

Sainteea Monroe

Research Manager

Tremonté Williams

IT and Data Manager

Tanya White

Business Coach

Timara Goodwin

Data Entry Specialist