Our Services

Our team understands that all businesses are different and their needs vary, therefore we are flexible and adaptive with all clients. This means we engage, survey, and interact with the clients to identify and address their specific needs. Our team realizes that it is imperative that we have a positive impact on the businesses we serve while simultaneously empowering them to exceed their goals.  We use this information to create customized strategic action plans.

start with strategy

Strategic & Business Development

This signature program is for small businesses or organizations that are not sure how to maximize their customer relationship management software or are thinking of acquiring enterprise resource planning software.   This signature program is a five- component strategy that helps clients transition from outdated business processes to automation which will increase their efficiencies, outcomes, and revenues. 

  1. Creating a connected workplace

  2. Streamlining Operations

  3. Re-imagining company culture

  4. Measuring internal and external impact

  5. Setting your business apart

build with support

Business Coaching & Business Building

By utilizing our Strategy N Motion approach, we think critically, strategically and holistically to help establish core client objectives. We focus on change requirements that will affect people, information, technology and the organization as a whole. Our approach is embedded in a proven set of processes, tailored to each client’s project.

grow with intention

“U” eLearning and Training

This highly interactive E-Learning Platform is offered to improve multi-level employee engagement, training and retention that strategically connects employee performance and evaluation to the organizational mission and vision.

  • Customized training to meet the needs of the business
  • Designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify and Meet the learning style or needs of the target audience
  • User friendly accessibility and time flexible

engage with purpose

Digital OutREEach Program

The workplace of today is ever evolving, adapting and changing as the industry demands shift.

Working with local non-profit organizations that serve our under-utilized resources, returning citizens, and at-risk youth to bridge the gap in the digital divide.  We provide training vital in preparing for the workplace of today and tomorrow. The goal of the program is to prepare individuals to be successful in acquiring, sustaining and excelling in the workforce environment. The core topics include:

  1. Communication in today’s workplace

  2. Diversity & Inclusion – What does it mean for me?

  3. Electronic Devices Training (Cell phones, tablets, computers, smart devices)

  4. Software introduction (Microsoft 365, Adobe, Teams, Zoom, WebEx)

  5. Virtual Interview Skills (Video and Conference training)